Sunday, July 27, 2008

Phil Bonasso: A Love Story Part VII

Hi Everyone!

Phil Bonasso here welcoming you back to our blogger site.

Thanks for reading my wife's account of how the Lord brought us together! Praying that you will be encouraged!

As is often the case, when we give Jesus control of our life, He begins to turn our passions into ones that will please Him and ultimately fulfill our dreams and desires.

The word ultimately is key here!! The bumpy ride I referred to in the last blog is the process of change that is necessary for character to be forged so that we can keep our eyes on Jesus no matter what happens.

Phil Bonasso gave his life to Jesus as a teenager and experienced the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit. What this produced in him was an insatiable desire for knowledge and understanding of the Word of GodJesus himself and the Bible. The Bible calls this “hungering and thirsting for God”. He began his quest by rising early every morning before school to read and meditate in the Bible. (His Father would often comment, later, on how he was impacted by his son’s devotion.) He also read, as much as he could find, by Godly men such as Watchman Nee, etc. He would often visit a monastery in Atlanta where his sister lived. Here Phil Bonasso would sit and talk with the monks about the things of God and they gave him access to their library. Yet, he was still a teen and had the normal challenges of that age.

One of his struggles was his desire to live a pure and holy life unto the Lord, yet he recognized that he wanted desperately (that’s how teenagers feel!) to have a girlfriend. Phil Bonasso wanted direction. A turning point in this struggle was about to be visited by the Holy Spirit.

As people often say, “Be careful what you pray for….”

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