Friday, December 21, 2007

Phil Bonasso: A Love Story by Phil's wife Part V

( Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!! I hope your Holiday season is going fantastic! Thanks for visiting again and reading my beautiful wife's posts on how the Lord brought us together. Blessings, Pastor Phil Bonasso)

Although Phil Bonasso also grew up in a traditional denominational
church, his experience with God was quite different…a little more
"colorful" maybe. By the time he was in high school he knew about God
and believed that there was a God and participated in the traditions
of the church. But he was about to encounter God in an unexpected way.

As I said before, high school was a challenging and lonely time for
Phil Bonasso. Although he was a huge romantic at heart he was very shy
when it came to girls. He was in and out of trouble with the
Principal. He loved playing basketball on the school team but was
afraid of playing in front of the crowds. His father was a colonel in
the Army and therefore often gone. His brother with whom he was very
close had gone off to a Military Academy. His mother was engaging
challenges of her own. Confusion and depression were held at bay by
music and cigarettes…and God's everloving Hand on his life.

This was the time that God began to show Himself in unconventional
ways in Churches. His mother being a devout woman sought support in
the Church with the challenges she was facing. She was invited to a
meeting with other women who would come together to pray. This unique
meeting helped her so she thought it might help her son. After many
times of being asked and after many moments of misery, he agreed to

How odd it was that a high school teenage boy would choose to go to a
meeting of middle aged women who just sat around and prayed. God was
using Phil Bonasso's desperation to set him up for a most amazing
encounter…with Him.

To be continued…

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