Thursday, November 8, 2007

Phil Bonasso: A Love Story Part III by his Wife

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How can two people find each other when they are so far apart? I guess
they have to be looking for the same thing! Or they have to be found
by the same person.

At the time Phil Bonasso and I were in high school an interesting
phenomenon was happening in the spiritual "world". God was doing
something in the lives of many young people so much so that a name was
given to it. It was called the Jesus Movement. Many kids were finding
that the loneliness and insecurity they felt at that time in their
life could be touched by the hand of God in such a way as to fill them
…complete them. The deep down loneliness was gone.

So high school, for many young people at that time as well as Phil
Bonasso and I, became not just a time of seeking love and romance but
a time for seeking God in a unique way. Different from being a child
in church believing that there is a God. But rather that the God that
exists wants to know you and cares about all that you do and all that
you are.

So this love story that I am writing about Phil Bonasso must begin
with our separate love stories with God. It was in searching for God
…looking for the same thing…that we eventually and amazingly found
each other…

To be contiued.....

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Very interesting and encouraging ... blog on!